Friday, June 29, 2012

Basic Makeup Routine

Don't know what order to do your makeup? Well here is a  basic routine that I believe is efficient and I think makes my makeup look good :)

1. wash face
2. moisturize skin
3. foundation primer
4. foundation
5. light dusting of powder
6. bronzer
7. blush
8. eyeshadow primer
9. eyeshadow (base, crease, then corner)
10. eyeliner
11. mascara
12. lipstick/lipgloss

Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Word to the Wise: The Balancing Act

I hate when I see people wearing dark/strong eyes with a bright lipstick. Makeup is a true balancing act. Really, cheeks should never be the focal point of your makeup, so it is best to focus on either the eyes or lips. For example, if you want to wear a bright lipstick like red, coral, fushia, or pink, either don't wear eyeshadow or wear a neutral color like tan or light brown. Or if you want to focus on your eyes and wear a dark smokey eye, you best wear a neutral lip or light pink. Also, certain shades of purple look best with no eyeshadow and a black cat eye!

Back to the Basics: What is Primer?

Basically there are a bunch of different kinds of primers, and mostly they're for making your makeup go on smoother and lasting longer. I have found that when you apply powders to your face, you need a little bit of a  "sticky" or "wet" substance to help it cling to your face... look at it this way- if you were to put baby powder on your hand.. would it stay longer if you left it dry? Or if you wet your hand first?? Exactly... anyway, there are many types of primers; foundation, eyeshadow, eye lash, and lip. Just to name a few. And through these primers, there are subsections of these different types. Some hydrate your skin, some are clear, others boost your skin tone, and others help even out your skin tone. (Face)-- basically for primers, i always go for clear, odorless ones. Especially for skin/foundation primers. I can't say which ones are best, because it takes alot of experimenting because there are so many kinds. But personally, my favorite foundation primer is hourglass veil, urban decay primer potion original, sephora lip primer, and estee-lauder mascara primer! :)

Quick Tip: Perfect Curls

Curls always look better if you don't use conditioner in the shower. Plus they stay in tact longer, conditioner tends to make hair silkier, in turn, makes curls fall out easier!

Also make sure that the curling iron/wand/rod you are using has been on for a while and is very very hot! Again, makes the curls last longer.. how do I know this? I performed an experiment.

Another thing, flexible hairspray is best for rod/wand curls, and maximum hold hairspray is best for curling iron curls.

Another Easy Summer Hairstyle

Another cute hairstyle that is super easy to do, and better yet you can do this hairstyle with straight, curly, wavy, even wet hair. All you need are the following things:

  • Bobby Pins
  • A Headband
First thing: brush your hair to get the tangles out, then style as you wish. Then braid your bangs, don't french braid them! Afterwards, braid another section below the already braided bangs, bobby pin both of the braids to the side of your head, then put the headband in.

See? Easy, cute, and takes all of ten minutes to do!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Quick Tip: Changing Up Your Part

...for a day that is.

For those of you who have a side part and wish for a middle, just turn on your straightener and fix your part. Make sure that you straighten down the side of your hair that has the "bump" which is proof of your natural part. FLATTEN IT! And no one will ever know..

Same thing for if you have a middle part and wish for a side part, most of the time- that isnt as much of an issue.

New Favorite of Mine: Purple Lips!

My new favorite look for lips is purple.

Sephora lipstick and lip gloss.

The lipstick is Sephora Rouge Shine N'47
The lipgloss is Glossy Gloss 16 tangy bite

I really love the textures of both the lipstick and lipgloss <3