Saturday, May 26, 2012

Simple Summer Hairstyle

I nice and easy hairstyle that is perfect for summer. If you need to give your hair a day to take a break from blowdriers and flatirons, this hairstyle is easy and takes about two minutes to do. When you come out of the shower just brush your hair out and allow time to dry enough so it is not soaking wet. When you're hair is semi-dry just braid your bangs (french braid if you prefer, it doesnt matter.) and bobby pin them to the back of your head. Gather the rest of your hair and make a low bun. Then add a print or solid headband. And bam- an adorable hairstyle as easy as 1,2,3.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

An Eye Shadow Substitute

In the morning, I know that sometimes I'm in a rush and don't have time to apply primer and three different eye shadows in order to get that perfect smokey eye, no need to worry now because you can still do something great with your eyes without being late.

Take a light color, my recommendation is a light green, light blue, or light silver and trace it on the inside of your tear duct and all under your lower lash-line. This really makes your eyes pop and is definitely not something that  everyone does.

Amazing Deal #1

Well to start off my fashion blogs- I thought it would be a good idea to tell everyone about the amazing deal that is in your local nordstroms.

If you are unfamiliar with nordstroms, do yourself a favor and go on their website

They have beautiful original clothing varying in price and style.

The juniors section, known as Bp is one of my favorite places to shop. It always has current styles and when the clothing goes on clearance, it is very affordable.

But anyway, the amazing deal from nordstroms are the sunglasses. They are very good quality and only cost $10 or $12. At least here on the east coast.

I have all different prints, colors, sizes, and frames. And I really recommend these sunglasses.

Just a word to the wise, before you go spend $100 or more dollars on one pair of sunglasses, think about the fact that they will break just as fast as $10 ones.


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Sunday, May 20, 2012


If you are in need of a product and you want a recommendation.. please feel free to email me at I'll try my best to get back to you within a week!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Get to Know Me

Before I start posting my fashion and beauty blogs, I thought it would be a good idea for me to give you a quick overview of myself so you can learn a little bit about me, so I'm going to answer a few basic questions!

What's Your Name? Elizabeth
Do You Still Attend School? Yes, I do.
How Tall Are You? 5''3'
Do You Wear Glasses/Contacts? Glasses (only when necessary)
What Color is Your Hair? Brown, with blonde highlights
What Color are Your Eyes? Blue
Birthday? April 15
Age? 16
What State Do You Live In? New Jersey
*Disclaimer: Where I live, NO ONE acts like the people from Jersey Shore.

Color: Hot Pink or Light Green
Drink: Lemonade
Food: This is a very complicated question; must answer in sections!!
-Breakfast: Pancakes
-Lunch: Soup & Sandwich
-Dinner: gnocchi
-Snack: Cereal!
Genre of Music: Top 40 (Radio Music)
Singer: Taylor Swift
Movie: Mean Girls
Actor: Audrey Hepburn
TV Show: Gossip Girl <3
Current Song: A Thousand Years by Christina Perri
Concert You've Attended: Jonas Brothers (Two Years Ago)
Place: New York City
Book: The Help
Flower: Gerber Daisies
Website: Twitter
Ice Cream: Rocky Road
Subject: English (Writing)
Accent: Australian

Hey Everyone!

And welcome to my blog, Just a Little Cheeky. This blog is your guide to becoming beautiful inside and out, with my makeup, fashion, hair, and general life tips; you are on the right track. I've always loved my morning routine; shower, makeup, hair, get dressed. The whole process is the highlight of my day, to go from plain and ordinary, to bold and extraordinary, just makes getting up and going to school so much easier.

If I can give any piece of advice, it would be this; don't go to all the trouble of doing your hair and makeup to impress anyone, do it for yourself. Because in the grand scheme of things, other people don't care if you wear a ball gown or sweatpants. You are who you are, and if you really want to look good and feel good, then this is the right blog for you!