Friday, July 20, 2012

Back to School Trends: Leather Jackets

I've been doing my research and I am going to touch on things that are going to be trends this coming fall for the next three months or so here we go.

The first trend I'm going to talk about is the leather jacket.

I wore a leather jacket throughout the fall and into the early winter last year and I always felt stylish and like a bad-ass. Although this wasn't the most quality of items in my closet, I thought it gave my outfit that sharp edginess it needed to take it one knotch higher.

My leather jacket was a simple purposly beat-up light black leather jacket that zipped up slightly to the side. It wasn't very thick and didn't really keep me warm during December. But it was good if I was ever cold during school, I could just throw it on. It looked equally like a jacket you would wear during school or something you'd wear outside.

I bought mine at forever 21 and I will post some links at the bottom of this post for some cute ones I found as well.

Now I personally think that a leather jacket can be a good investment because it can easily feel cheap. But I was lucky that mine didn't seem cheap even though it was. If I was made of money, I probably wouldn't have gone to forever 21 to buy it, but it served it's purpose and it looks great.

Now there are many different colors of leather jackets, theres the traditional smooth black, beat up black (has a grey tint to it), grey, dark tan, khaki, brown, and chamois (that burnt orange/brown color). All these colors are great and can really add different tones to different outfits.

For that rock/glam look, wear a black pencil skirt, black leather jacket, and tons of silver accessories (not too much) for a "Yeah I'm hot, but don't f*** with me" look.

These are some jackets in various colors that I recommend! (This is kind of what my jacket looks like)

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