Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Summer Makeup

Sorry for being MIA the past few weeks. I'm hoping to fall into my normal schedule once September comes and ill be able to post more. I've also planned to start posting more pictures of my looks. I know I know. long time coming, right? well I'll start now and you won't be disappointed.

Anyway- this past week I've been on vacation with my family at the beach. I got a very nice tan and any blemishes I had on my face disappeared. As well as my need for makeup. Because think about it- I don't know about everyone else. but I personally only wear makeup to have a little bit of glow in my skin and to have blemish free skin- even though I have that now. doesn't mean I can't look even better. but what I suggest for if you're on a beach vacation is this-

-A Brown or Charcoal eyeliner (nothing too harsh, just dark enough to make your eyes pop) for your waterline
-peach or pale pink blush
- mascara (only a slight amount to curl eye lashes)
-gold eyeshadow
-bronzer (evens out face tan)

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