Friday, August 3, 2012

The Road to Good Hygiene

For my first post in August, I thought that I would steer away from the upcoming trends to deal with something that is crucially important in the days of an adolecent and all through the rest of your life.

Having good hygiene is arguably the most important thing to having a good appearance.

From head to toe I will describe what needs to be done to make sure that you look fresh and clean all the time!

Hair: Make sure that you have clean hair by washing it either everyday or every other day. Depending on how greesy your hair gets. I personally wash my hair everyday, I understand that it is bad for your hair, but I would rather have dry hair than dirty hair.

Face: Make sure you wash your face twice a day depending on your skin type, if you don't remember to do it in the AM make sure you wash it in the PM due to the fact you're pretty much scrubbing the day off your skin. Oily, dirty skin is a big no no.

Teeth: This is a no brainer, but theres no harm in reminding you to brush your teeth two or three times a day. Along with that, whitening mouth wash (I reccommend Crest 3D White). Floss and regular mouth wash is a good thing too.

Nose: Make sure your nose hairs are always waxed/cut to make sure none are visibly hanging out of your nose! GROSS! Waxing isn't necessary in my opinion, but if you have tollerace for pain, and the money- go for it, you'll probably feel clean as a whistle. If you don't, get a tiny pair of sisscors or a nose hair trimmer and you'll be good to go!

Eyebrows: Make sure they are all trimmed/waxed! They open up your face and make you look fresh as a daisy!

Girls, Upper Lip Hair: make sure you wax it, enough said.

Eyes: If you have bloodshot eyes, make sure you have visine to take care of that- but remember: too much of a good thing is bad. And obviously you want to make sure you don't have eye boogers or something like that.

For Guys: Not that I think guys are reading this- but just in case, if going for the scruffy facial hair look isnt your thing, make sure you shave everyday!

For Ladies: Shaving your legs everyday or every other day during the summer is a crucial! Along with shaving your under arms. I can't stress this enough, I know that if I was a guy- I would be super turned off by a girl who had hair legs and armpits.. just saying.

Overall Scent: When I get out the shower, everyday I have my go-to products that help me stay fresh and smelling clean all day. I have an unscented body lotion that I use directly after I shower and especially after I shave my legs. Then I put on Dove pearl finish deodorant, I love the smell, and I think it lasts a really long time. After that, I apply powder to my under arms, this prevents chaffing and helps absorb sweat if I'm going to be out in the sun. I also have my favorite body mist from the bath and body works stress relief collection. It's minty, and clean. My favorite scents. If I ever run out of that I go for a clean scented body mist that I have as back up, I recommend the mists from bath and body works, along with fresh smelling scents like citrus (lemon, lime, orange) or powder scent, or mint. In my opinion are the cleanest. I always get compliments like "You smell great!" so hopefully if you follow these tips, it'll be you too.

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